Bookkeeping and taxes

  • keeping commercial books

  • keeping tax books of revenues and expenses

  • keeping flat-rate records

  • preparing financial statements

  • preparing tax declarations

  • preparing reports to the Central Statistical Office (GUS), the National Bank of Poland (NBP), etc.

  • keeping the fixed assets register and other records required by law

  • verification of previous postings and recovery of arrears

  • setting up principles for the accounting documents flow

  • issuing sales invoices, credit notes and corrective invoices

  • monitoring of trade receivables

  • preparing the Intrastat report

  • preparing consolidation packages prepared in accordance with Polish Accounting Standards (PAS) and other countries’ local standards

  • support in the consolidation of financial statements

  • support in the financial budgeting process

HR and payroll

  • payroll calculation and preparing payroll lists

  • calculation of all payroll related charges (social security – ZUS, PIT, Disability Pension Fund – PFRON, etc.),

  • payroll calculation with regard to civial contracts, management and supervisory board members,

  • registration and deregistration of employees, contractors and owners in the Social Cecurity Office (ZUS),

  • preparing tax declarations

  • preparing Disability Pension Fund (PFRON) reports

  • issuing certificates about employees’remuneration

  • keeping HR records,

  • preparing reports to the Central Statistical Office (GUS),

Advisory services

  • assistance in the process of establishing companies

  • financial advisory services and ongoing consultation

  • other services per agreement with the client


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